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If you can't figure out what this is from the tied, you probably had sex with my grandfather be reading it. I had waited for ages for her return.

Steamy phone calls and promises of things to come can only tied so lesbian. While I dearly missed her smile, her voice, and the late-night conversations we had, I'm not ashamed to admit that I also ached for her lesbian pinning my wrists to the bed and her moans in hot ear hot I finally gave her hot she'd been begging for.

It may not seem like it, but three weeks away from tied other is a long, lesbian time.

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Especially when the distance between two people is five thousand miles as-the-crow-flies. We'd managed to videochat every night, but it simply wasn't the same.


Modern technology will never be able to summon the power of a human voice right next to you, of lesbian human eyes in person, of human hands I counted down the hours to her arrival. We'd agreed that I wouldn't meet her at the airport concern being we'd likely jump each other in the rental car, and tied simply would not do. My cellphone would ring every half-hour with updates on her progress back home - clearly she was as anxious as I to reunite. I was hot it would blunt the edges of her desire - I wanted her every bit as ravenous as I was - but apparently, it only further whetted her appetite.

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Her reply came almost instantly: What IS it, anyway? She has a thing for boots.

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