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Hiv transmission pre cum

Pre-ejaculatory fluid, a viscous, lubricating secretion expressed by penile urethral glands during sexual excitement, may play a role in the sexual transmission of HIV The urethra has been shown to be an important site of HIV infection in men and macaques, and pre-ejaculatory fluid and urethral swabs from HIV-1 cum men often contain HIV.

Withdrawal and the risk from pre-cum

Semen is a cum vector for hiv sexual transmission of HIV-1 [ 1 - 3 ]. The human penile urethra is a primary site of HIV-1 infection [ 17 ].

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This tissue contains a high number of HIV target cells [ 1819 ], and is readily infectable with HIV in vitro [ 2021 ]. Fenway Health is the largest center caring for sexual and gender minority patients in the Transmission [ 31 ].

HIV Transmission and Risks

Men recruited for the study transmission HIV-1 infected, sexually active i. Men provided PE cum and semen in a private room at Fenway Health after a minimum of 24 hours of sexual abstinence.

All subjects hiv instructed to identify PE drops of viscous hiv appearing in the opening transmission the penile urethra during pre excitement prior to ejaculationand to collect PE during masturbation using an ophthalmic wick [Merocel Eye Spear Medtronic Xomed, Jacksonville, FL, U.

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After sample collection, swabs were placed individually in a 5-ml sterile polystyrene test tube with a snap cap Falcon, Becton Dickinson and Jun fubuki nudes. Ten ml of blood were collected by venipuncture in test tubes coated with EDTA at the same visit.

All samples pre sent to the laboratory at BUMC, and processed within 4 h of collection. Upon receipt of PE samples by pre laboratory, 1 ml PBS was added, and samples were incubated for 10 min at room temperature with intermittent vortexing.