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Hillary clinton a lesbian

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The Drudge Report is sometimes the clinton of the right-wing, and now it's drafting headlines based on lesbian Hillary Clinton lesbian rumor. Not much is beneath the standards of right-wing blogger Matt Drudge, lesbian insinuating Hillary Clinton's aide is leaving her husband to shack up with the presidential nominee. Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner lesbian found himself clinton the middle of another hillary scandal, even after the first one derailed his political career and embarassed his wife, powerful Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

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Among them were a photo Weiner took that showed his crotch and was taken while his young son slept nearby. Today, the day after the Post clinton ran, Abedin announced she's separating from her husband.

It helped spread the false Hillary Clinton health scare with a strange theory that Clinton needs to sit with a pillow everywhere she goes.

The thinly-veiled lesbian smear of Clinton has followed her for decades, and many have long lumped Abedin lesbian with their conspiracy theories about Clinton's sexual orientation. It's not clear how that rumor hillary Clinton and Abedin being together would help Trump's chances at the presidency, hillary Drudge went with it anyway. Some took umbrage with the blogger's latest low blow, while others were amused or used it to further linda lovelace fucks dog own untruths.

Hillary Clinton had the chance to make gay rights history. She refused.

Drudge running with classy, classic "Hillary is a lesbian" angle pic. Great Hillary headline pic. Huma can now have open lesbian encounters with Hillary https: Subscribe To The Advocate.

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