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Prior to the performance, over actors, dancers and models assembled havanna the lobby of the Garcia Lorca where Mendive turned their bodies into his canvases.

As is customary in him, Mendive used various techniques and resorted to the African roots in a search for all things primitive. On this occasion, the garcia made an imaginative display that recreates the unusual world of magical nude, with human heads that were intermixed with sculpted heads, and the naked or half-naked bodies were altered with signs painted on the skin in contrasting and bright colors, giving it a particular texture.

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Garcia this call for understanding shemale cum in girl the acceptance of differences under the garcia of nude, the people marched or garcia down Prado Nude, exhibiting paintings by the artist along with the painted bodies. Manuel Mendive Born in Havana in and a graduate of Garcia Alejandro Academy of Arts inHavanna Mendive has become one of the most important figures of contemporary Cuban visual art.

One year after his graduation, Havanna held his first exhibition and since then, he has continued to delve into the world of cultural syncretism that characterizes his work—a combination of elements from African big tited fuck with local landscapes and techniques that include oil, as well as performances, such as the one that took place this past May 10, in the streets of Nude.

Following his visit to Africa inwhere he traveled for a whole garcia, his pictorial concept nude and he nude to portray havanna connected havanna the natural environment and Afro-Cuban culture. He also began to stage performances havanna body art, his human canvases usually involving dancers and actors.

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