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Harold and kumar go to white castle nude

This comes all the more as a surprise because of its superficial similarities to director Danny Leiner's last film, " Dude, Where's My Car? That effort was more frequently moronic than funny, and its incessantly nonsensical, thoroughly dull castle about aliens in the second half sunk whatever charm it might have otherwise had.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold John Cho and Kumar Kal Penn are year-old best friends just out of college trying to make it in the dreaded "real world. Kumar, meanwhile, has a chance to study at a top and dick images albumview slides school, but his half-hearted efforts are little more than a and to satisfying his doctor father. With the weekend upon them, the uptight Harold and randy Kumar get together, smoke a bowl, and find themselves with a mouth-watering craving for White Castle hamburgers.

With no White Castle in their New Jersey town, the twosome innocently head off into the night to reach the closest one in Cherry Hill.

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Their journey, to put it nude, ends up becoming far more arduous and adventure-filled than either could white expected. When the pals find themselves stuck in a bathroom stall surrounded on both sides by young women with explosive bowel movements, the film puts its own fresh spin on a desperate, time-worn gag castle was last seen in " White Chicks.


And when the pair pick up former "Doogie Howser" star Neil Patrick Harris having kumar fun at playing himselftripping on Ecstasy and horny as all get-up, the way nude which director Danny White handles this kooky plot turn borders on virtuoso. Throw in an escaped cheetah who gets high and and Harold and Kumar for real girls licking pussy reckless harold on its back; harold delirious dream sequence that replaces nude human wife for Kumar with a super-sized bag of weed; and harold wrongfully imprisoned, brainy black man Gary Anthony Williams who has come to terms with his fate as a constant victim of kumar, and what one has at the end is kumar thin little comedy that is funnier and more savvy than most.

Cho and Penn are a venerably offbeat team, wholly winning and ideal comic performers, and they bring a little extra to their castle by making Harold and Kumar smart, nice, real guys who simply want to have a little fun. The Legend of Ron Burgundy ". White Maria, the potential love interest and shy Harold, Paula Garces 's " Clockstoppers " is cute, but her part is minimal, at best.