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God of war aphrodite s chamber uncensored

Approach the 1st crank on the platform ahead uncensored turn it to rotate the platform.

The Upper Gardens I, Aphrodite's Chamber (Sex Game), The Forge II

Jump to the next platform, turn god 2nd crank and jump to the next platform with a 3rd crank. Turn the 3rd crank.

Instead of continuing on, turn the 3rd crank once again after the platform comes to a rest. Save and head up the chamber into Aphrodite's Chamber.

Search the left side of the room war two chests with Red Experience Live sex live view axis within. Search the right side of the room for a well-hidden chest in a dark recess along the wall.

God of War III Remastered - Aphrodite's Chamber | Music Jinni

Inside you'll find a Minotaur Horn. Before approaching the bed, search the rear side of the room just to the left of the candles aphrodite the bed. You may spot a glint of light on a platform behind the bed. Approach Aphrodite and talk to her.