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Girl peeing on floor

A Wizz Air passenger squatted down and urinated on the floor after she was allegedly told she could not use the toilet while the aircraft was being re-fuelled.

Restaurant girl pees on floor

Shocking footage shows the woman squatting against a wall while speaking with teen amateur pics on the phone. According to reports, the plane was fuelling up and passengers were not allowed to go to the bathroom during the procedure.

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Because of this, girl woman claims she was forced to floor herself in the galley where the food is usually prepared. In the video, the woman can be seen with her knickers and leggings pulled down to her knees, telling someone on the phone: I am peeing in the aircraft.

Girl Peeing On Floor Porn - 74 Videos

So I am peeing in the galley. Right in front of them. A young British couple then interrupt the woman, saying to her: You are a grown woman! Not sure why they denied her the peeing though.