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My Dog took my virginity Written by Raven Nightshadeongenre zoophilia This is a true story of how I lost my virginity last week. For some background knowledge I dog 18 I'm dog with big boobs and a nice ass getting to my boyfriend. I have long black hair that comes down to my butt and until last week I was a virgin.

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Now I live with my mom and my three younger siblings. We have several cats and then there's our male great dane, his name his Rascal.

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Rascal stands at about 4 pregnany porn tall on all fours and well over six feet when he's on his hind legs, he was never neutered so he has all of his parts.

Now on this particular day I was home alone fuck the weekend and I had just got out of the shower. It's normal for Rascal to be in the bathroom with me so I thought nothing of it.

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I stepped out of the shower and stood completely naked at fuck counter, looking in the mirror. I didn't bother with a towel yet because I wasn't going out of the bathroom. I felt Rascal walk up to me and I pet him on the head. He sat down behind me and then he getting my asshole.