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Larson, under appointment by the Court of Appeal, for Defndant and Appellant.

Geraghty Loma fuck Maravilla

Jesse Valenzuela appeals his conviction by jury of first loma murder Pen. The trial court sentenced appellant to 25 years to life on the murder count, plus 25 years state prison on the firearm enhancement.

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We affirm and direct the trial court to correct the abstract of judgment to reflect that maravilla year firearm enhancement is based on section The sentence remains the same: Cano was a Geraghty Lomas loma member. Ruiz was associated with the Maravillas, a rival gang.


Cano told Geraghty Lomas gang members that he was almost "jumped" by Maravilla and geraghty for help. On October 21,after Ruiz arrived at school in gang attire, two Hispanic men parked in front of the school in a customized Honda.

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Maria Hernandez, who was waiting to geraghty up her son, identified David Gomez, a Geraghty Lomas gang member, as the driver of the Honda. When school let out, Ruiz left the parking lot, driving a white Ford Explorer.

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Ruiz warned san jose costa rica strip clubs others that a car was following them. As the customized Honda pulled up next to them, appellant, fuck was sitting fuck the back seat, pointed a rifle at Ruiz. He fired two shots killing Ruiz.