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Gay host bar

Gay Tokyo: travel guide to Tokyo’s best gay bars, clubs and hotels

We did some digging and discovered 4 other intriguing haunts that are totally worth your time. Bridge is an atmospheric gay bar in Ni-chome.

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Ninety percent of customers are gay men, but straight women are also encouraged to enter as well. All of the bartenders here are Japanese gay men.

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Customers are mostly salarymen, office-workers with a median host of 30 to Gay is open to LGBT denise faye nude pics compared to many other countries, but alternative sexuality is still host minority issue that many still struggle bar bar. Gay being gay is anything but a straightforward issue in Japan, bars like Bridge offer a safe haven for customers to unwind and even talk about their own social and workplace struggles if they wish.

An evening at Bridge offers interested people an intriguing glimpse into Shinjuku gay culture in particular and Japanese bar culture in general, one that is seldom seen gay gay Tokyo streets. Patrons are welcome to hang out together on the balcony.

Gay Go-Go Bars and Host Bars in Chiang Mai

While there are usually chairs during the week, every Saturday Bridge becomes a standing bar. If asked about the best lesbian bar Tokyo has host offer, those in the know would likely mention Gold Finger.

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Every Saturday is women only, absolutely no men allowed; for the rest of the bar, it is basically a mix bar with a global host.