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Gay bath nouses in chicago

Moreover, is it worth the money? Recently, I was gay Chicago to see family and decided to check out the facility for myself.

Chicago Gay Bathhouses Saunas

Now I want to preface a few things before giving you my impressions. Finally, I need to say that my experience may be different from others and so it is important to check around to get an idea of what you may expect. Street parking in the area may be available but wow is it a congested area. You might be better off taking a cab or paying for an Uber. In my case, I stayed at a local bath hotel so grabbing a ride was super easy.

Review Steamworks Chicago – It is Worth the Money?

To get in, nouses must buy a membership. Even if you are just visiting one time, you still must buy it. You also need to pay for a locker or a chicago. Prices for lockers and rooms are different on weekends and weekdays.