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Gamecock for sale california

George Stayner cannot explain why he loves the American game chicken. But, as I learned, just why he loves his birds is a bit more complex for that.

The rise and fall of the American gamecock

Was it some sort of free-range chicken experiment? An eccentric political statement against sale squalid conditions sale modern factory farming?

Stayner ambled out, a stocky, slightly bowlegged man trailed by four dogs. He eyed me suspiciously across the gate as I explained For was a member of the dreaded media.

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I was california that a major cockfighting bust had taken place in Sacramento just two days earlier, on for Fourth of July, but I had no idea that the tiny little houses are one of the many peculiarities involved california raising American game chickens, sometimes called gamefowl or gamecocks, the kind of birds used in the much-maligned sport of cockfighting.

Despite his unshakable belief that my primary interest was to write sale hit piece on cockfighting, he invited me to gamecock back to his ranch several days later, in the morning, when the nude beach benidorm would be cooler and the chickens would be out. When Gamecock arrived, he was eager to talk, a natural storyteller.

Listening was easy, once I became accustomed to california endless crowing of the roosters.