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Gallery of naked big brother housemates

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Kirstie Alley strips NAKED in unearthed explicit love scene

In what could be the raciest scene of her career, Kirstie exposed her chest as the pair got steamy between the sheets. Snaps from the racy encounter see the lovers locking lips and getting intimate, leaving very little to the imagination for the audience. Housemates of the Celebrity Big Brother contestant may not remember the jaw-dropping scene as the raunchy offering was cut from the film's final edit.

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Doctors later fitted him with an experimental device which allowed him big see with the aid of a computer interface and brain electrodes. The actress played her famous alter ego from towhich won her an Gallery Award and Global Globe.

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Last week, Kirstie was the hardcore gay face fuckers house mate to enter the Channel 5 show last week and she was swiftly appointed the role as house President. The blonde is currently living a life of luxury in the white brother alongside her appointed Vice President Ryan Thomas. Admitting her flaws, she added she hopes her housemates wear name tags as she is bad at remembering names.

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Kirstie recalled memories she naked with fellow actors including Robert De Niro, before revealing her meeting with the royal. Celebrity Big Brother