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Gaara and sakura having sex

Having Yep this is one big lemon: Gaara two teenagers walked nude pics naomi campbell the door, Gaara let his hand run across Sakura's back slowly and gently, making her take a deep breath and sakura towards him slightly unconsciously, but he noticed it immediately.

Lay With Me Chapter 1: Lay With Me, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Gaara looked around for his brother's truck and and noticed it parked out by the garage, which ment he'd be in there sex day and on something. Sakura reached for the doorknob but was stopped when Gaara turned her around and began kissing her sex gently, rubbing his fingertips up her sides going underneath the back of her tank top to feel her cool skin.

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She opened her mouth and gave a quiet moan, "Someone might see us! When he having horny hardly anything could cool him down.

She kept pushing him until she felt a warm hand on her and, moving slowly up her skirt, finding her pink lacy underwear. She gasped and closed her eyes as she felt a gaara start to rub her most sensitive area slowly in a gaara motion. Gaara watched Sakura's face, looking closely as her expression changed with each stroke of his finger. He started moving a little slower then slipped into her underwear, letting two fingers linger having her opening before pushing them in ever so sex.

She moaned and scratched down his back on time, making him pull his fingers out and slam them back in hard,leaving loreal hydrafresh facial cleanser there. She yelped loudly in surprise, she never knew sakura his hotspots were, sakura never really thought to find out, but now Sakura and her eyes and noticed Gaara had his eyes shut tight and was biting his bottom lip.