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Folliculitis in vaginal area

Eh, what's that bump down there? Before you panic, vaginal the need-to-know info on what could pop up on your most private parts. Finding a bump, lump, or, heck, even a spot down "there" is probably going to cause folliculitis to panic.

How do you get rid of vaginal pimples?

Is it an ingrown hair? Wait, is it even possible to have a pimple downstairs? It can be difficult to decipher exactly what's what—and if it needs treatment. To help save your sanity, here's a rundown on some common skin conditions you might see in your genital area and what to do about them.

What it looks like: Pink or area bumps, sometimes with vaginal little white cap of pus. What folliculitis people describe as pimples in the groin area is usually folliculitis, says Victoria Barbosa, M.