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Fine art nude picture

My oh-so-popular wide lens was the only option as the room we took these pictures in is extremely fine. It was an empty cellar room with ugly walls and low ceiling which means it served the purpose really well. The Mistress set portrays emotions of an otherwise powerful mistress, who was caught in a moment of weakness.

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Ivana did an hairy men in bondage job posing art balancing on the stool in high heels. My ex did a fantastic job handling the flood and the diffuser.

Feel the touch of emotion fine The Mistress in distress.

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The dagger which you can see in some of the pictures came from my collection of medieval weaponry I am a big fan of. Picture like that is a treat to light up for fine art photography.

Fine art nude stock photos

I used my heavy duty black muslin nude dark background and two strobes to light the model up. Fine art nude photography puts more focus on artistic appeal so nude, lighting art composition are more important than erotic value of each image. MJ made picture job in achieving it easy and I believe it shows in the gallery:.