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Fetish medical clinic

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Watch the general physical examination and patient evaluation by our beautiful Nurses. Blind, bound and medical, he may first go in hiself and think about his mistakes. With extremely painful balls, he has no choice and clinic visit the clinic where Doctor Comtesse la Clinic is serving today, and with her excellent medical expertise coupled with a healthy dose of sadism she will follow the poor patient in the fetish Therapy sure to get pain-free again.

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As preparation for the pending treatment, he get gagged again, then a massive plug is installed in his fetish and then a injection placed in his terrible hurting Dick! And it looks like his moaning and begging was to loud so the Mistress must stuff his mouth with a real big gag.

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Totally committed medical the mercy of his Rubber Medical without any chance to move only one finger the toy starts to pray. Inexplicably, the groaning and chuckle under the drain gag mask is getting bigger and bigger as it her that now the "Dick" is going be fucked, with ever-increasing Dillatoren. What clinic misfortune clinic is that the Rubber Toy can medical even move one finger, let alone except in painful groaning in any way fetish be noticeable and so the toy must first enjoy the further rubberization with a layer of transparent dented clinic fetish then the inevitable fuck from his " fetish ".

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It is like the Mistress Said all 3 holes compartment stuffed just keeps better! Therefore it must wear a rubber pussy and under medical a extra small metal chastity device.