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The high price of sucking my thumb until I was 31 | Daily Mail Online

She explains how she regained her calm. After the release of my last book Happy, something strange happened to me.

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I always felt that depression, rather than anxiety, was my weakness, but then one day I was driving down the M4 with a great friend of mine, Clare, on a relatively long journey. We were gossiping thumb about our favourite subjects — the royal suck and Girls, the TV show cotton when I felt rather hot.

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I opened the windows and wriggled out of my jacket without mentioning anything to Clare. Next my lungs started pumping like a set of bagpipes and the world around me started to spin. This is not ideal when driving at 70mph, but I managed suck pull over and explain to Clare why fearne conversation about Prince Harry had cotton to a swift end and we were now fearne the hard shoulder half an hour from home. What was going on?

Fearne Cotton: ‘I realised how far from human I felt’

I thumb always assumed that my physical state comes from direct thoughts. If I think of something negative, my body tenses; if I feel sad, it softens.

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But this was the antithesis of that. Our conversation in the car had been jolly and I was watch4beauty nude galleries my way home to see my babies.

No stress, no drama, yet my body had taken a turn for the worse. I had never experienced anything like it before.