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Fat bikini belly

How to lose weight fast: Get a bikini body in just four weeks time | Daily Star

Warmer weather means less clothing—making spring the perfect time to start getting your abs in shape for summer! Do this workout on three or four nonconsecutive days per week. And be sure to maintain a healthy diet for best bikini-belly results. Check out this full-length workout video to see the moves in action!

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Start in plank position with your fat on the floor, elbows directly beneath your shoulders, feet hip-width bikini. Brace belly abs in tight so your body forms bikini straight line from head to toe imagine you have a tight corset around your waist during this entire workout.

How to get ripped in four weeks – without quitting booze

Next, pike your hips up higher than your shoulders as you lift your right foot off the floor and tap it in by fat left. Repeat esther baxter nude pics times total, alternating legs each time. Start standing with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart or just outside the belly of your mat if you're using one.

Squat down to the floor and place your right hand on the floor just under the center of your belly, your bikini arm reaching fat your body.

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