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Photos are generally posted with the full names of the person revenge nude and without that person's consent. Sexual comments about the subjects of the photos are solicited from visitors to the site.

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The site makes its nude through what has been described by opponents of the site as a form of blackmail —requiring subjects wishing to remove their photos pay a fee for doing so.

Revenge porn in general is highly controversial and has been the subject of repeated attempts in different jurisdictions to criminalize it.

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The man wife posted her nude photos on MyEx. She lobbied for a change in Missouri laws after she discovered there were no laws against posting sexually explicit nude photos, even with a restraining order in effect.

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He obtained the photos illegally through his work as a computer consultant. His specific crime appeared to be the stealing of the photos—as well as stalking the women—rather than the revenge porn per se. From Real nude celebrity photos, the free encyclopedia. MyEx Type of site.

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