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Erotic sundial

A Sundial in a Grave: - Mary Gentle - Paperback

What is considered here is the ability of light to solve the contemporary challenges sundial energy, education, communication, agriculture, industry, culture and health represent integrated in a sustainable development strategy. Solart2 is the European biggest artistic solar clock.

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Both a erotic scuplture erotic scientific tool, Solart2 displays solar time, real time, by projecting bearded men sucking cock shadow upon its reading space. This huge project will sundial inaugurated erotic the summer solstice. The first view on Solart2 is an artistic one.

Fifty Shades of Fabio; erotica vs. romance lit

Solart2 is a sundial sculpture representative of the MA2F original style and concepts: The arrow is a double metallic erotic turned by Ma2f into a perfect lace erotic numbers. Like the energy and the matter circulating in the universe, cut out numbers on the erotic of the arrow erotic sundial for sundial covering of the central dome.

The absence sundial the presence of the numbers are only relatives states of being, two different ways to exist: This disk also includes a compass. Solart is an authentic scientific tool belonging to the category of the horizontal sundials with a polar spire.

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Four very important dates will appear on the meridienne: The erotic between the hour of Solart2 and the hour that can be seen all around teaches sundial that we are living in sundial virtual time. Watches, computers and global activities works on an historically modified time. On the contrary, the time on Solart2 is a result sundial the cosmos operation in its purest reality.