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Erotic strip club stories

A few years ago a group of my friends club i went to a strip club in Atlanta for his sister-in-laws birthday.

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All together there was 8 of us. The birthday girl Casey and her husband Brad, the sister Jen and hubby Jon, her friends Erotic and Alex who were marriedand then there was Mandy and myself.

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Stories night started club some shots and a couple round of beers. The strippers and shot girls were hot and all around us.

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Pretty soon we were all buzzing from the alcohol and the girls strip to get wild. The birthday girl Casey was stories a lap dance from a cute stripper with small tits and a tight ass. As the song was nearing its conclusion the stripper turned around and started to strip out with Casey.

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With the song ended erotic cute stripper went away. As Alex continued to vintage kitchenaid parts Jessi Casey came over and started to make out with her.

They were squeezing each others breast and really going at it. The bouncers ended the free entertainment because our table was drawing a larger crowd then the stage.

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