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Delicious and from the stories swirled about my body, flooding through my veins and into the layers of my skin. So deliciously intoxicated, I felt mellow and horny even if a little numb, but still extremely aroused deep in pics body. The music played on and I felt my body pulsing moodily to the beat of the sounds.

A couples sex story, a sexy, heady concoction and after a full evening of fun.

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The last of our guests found their way pics through the door, leaving erotic momentarily glancing across and table. I could see the tell tale signs of the pics of pleasure we had all had. A naughty smirk crept across my face as I caught a glimpse of the lacy pink panties left strewn across the table followed by and thought erotic how they came to leave their owner and find their way onto my table. stories

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Our slightly more debauched night had left its mark, and my guests no doubt of their saucy amusements. I was still in a zone of aroused pleasure and certainly not ready for my evening to end.

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Languidly I erotic back in my chair I allowed the evening to wash over me, my thoughts turning more sexual and my stories growing deep. Nothing wrong I thought in participating in a little more Grey Goose while we continue with our risky game of poker. As I looked across the table I caught his eye, my inner vixen pornstar with biggest ass raised her head.