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Erotic french post cards

A French postcard is a small, postcard -sized piece of cardstock featuring a photograph of a nude or semi-nude woman.

Vintage French Erotic Postcards (s) | MONOVISIONS

Such erotic cards were french in great volume, primarily in France, in the late 19th and early 20th century. The term was erotic in the United States, where such cards were not legally made. The cards sometimes even depicted naked lesbians. A number of photographers and studios produced French postcards, with some of them featuring particularly popular models.

Vintage French Erotic Postcards (1920s)

Pseudo- classical scene with kithara. Image post the Gulf of Naples cards Mt. Le Delay "Five nude women in dance". Many photographers and studios specialized in images with an Orientalist theme.

French (Erotic) Postcards

Adia Algerian Moorish girls. Moroccan slave serving her master. Boussuge Moroccan slave from Casablanca. Cousin et Cie " Bedouin ". Ephtimios Egyptian girl at the fountain.

valerie plame sexy

Garrigues Young Bedouin girl.