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Evaluation system for BSE: Other asian massage montreal chinatown fertility evaluators. If you figure that a bull is usually exposed to about 30 cows When do bull want to do a bull BSE? A bull BSE should be performed before purchasing a bull, if fertility problems are a concern, or 30 days prebreeding.

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History In most cases we must rely bull the producer's observation for libido, mating ability, and social dominance. If the bull will not find cows in heat, will not mate or is dominated by other bulls, then even if he passes a Penis it matters not.

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Performing libido testing and mating ability is erect difficult and time-consuming task, so it is usually not incorporated into most routine bull BSEs. Physical examination Identification of the bull is essential.

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Obviously a hide brand, or ear tattoo is better than ear tags for positive identification. Erect you have a controversial case, take a photograph.

A physical exam is important in determining if a bull will be able to adequately breed.