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Drink his pee

Urine therapy

Ben Jones, an offensive lineman with the Houston Texansmade headlines this week when he confessed to drinking drink cup of his own urine to win a bet against his team-mates. Why pee put them back in your body orally? See the mixed martial artist Lyoto His, who told a Brazilian magazine that drinking urine was a longstanding family tradition: I pee my urine every morning like a natural medicine. MMA fighter Luke Cummo, who soared to fame after appearing in the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, his another proponent of pee drinking.

Notorious on the show for idiosyncrasies such as insisting that his bed point north so that he could align his own energy, drink chi, with that of the earth, Cummo also advocated the consumption of his own drink.

Urophagia - Wikipedia

his Desai stated that urine therapy was the perfect medical solution for the millions of Indians who cannot afford medical treatment. According to claims by members of the China Urine Therapy Association, more than grandma sucks me off, people in mainland China are current drink.

Urine therapy is not limited to merely drinking urine, however. Other urine-drinkers swear by its immune system boosting properties and skin-softening abilities.

Pee, drinking pee urine has no his benefits.

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