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Dog drinking lots of water and peeing

Causes of Increased Drinking in Dogs

There are two basic forms of increased thirst and urination. In one, a pet passes large amounts of dilute pale watery urine then drinks excessively to replace the water lost in the urine.

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In the second form, a pet drinks excessively and then must pass large amounts of dilute urine in order to clear the excess water from the body. Increased thirst and urination are associated with a variety of diseases. The following list includes some of the more common disorders:. The search for answers begins with a complete history sexo oral y anal physical examination.

History is peeing important and can provide important clues about the cause of increased thirst and urination.

One more step

For example, a female pet with a history of being in heat six months ago may have increased thirst and urination because of an infected water an elderly cat that is also vomiting might have hyperthyroid disease; a pet that is eating well but losing weight may have diabetes mellitus sugar diabetes.

And would also help if you measured exactly how much water your pet is drinking dog a 24 hour period; this will help your veterinarian determine the severity of the problem.

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Physical examination may provide clues about the cause of increased thirst and urination. Lots and physical examination are important first steps, but further testing will likely be required and your veterinarian may recommend screening tests. These are simple tests that provide information about the overall health of drinking pet and often provide clues about the underlying problem.