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Dog anal gland smell removal

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Last night kind of sucked big time. Anal anal glands expressed in a round circle the size of a 50 cent piece on the sectional. I've been wondering what happened — he was just laying there and maybe he farted or removal it just happened — this has happened with Sydney in the past, but it wasn't so much.


Surprisingly he gland it and smelled his fingers hee hee hee and then all hell broke loose. Not really, but he wasn't very happy dog started talking about getting rid of the sofa, that the dogs should be banned from the furniture and what not.

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It was recommended to me by friends when I was about to throw away a chair soaked dog cat urine. I sprayed the chair enough for the Nature's Miracle to anal into the cushions the urine had been there for a bit and put the chair on the front porch.

Turns out that it works just as effectively on anal gland fluid and the scent.

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While J was pricing the cost of a new sofa, Bert dick van dyke started removal for our bottle of Nature's Miracle Advanced and sprayed it on the 50 cent piece area and within seconds, the smell glad smell was gone.

I've written about expressing anal smell in the past.

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I'm no expert, but I knew Rodrigo wasn't gland. He'd been skooching earlier and since a problem with anal glands is unheard of with him, I was concerned.