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Today had just seemed like any other day; wake up, go to school, head to the cave, possibly go out on a mission, go home hopefully unscathed, sleep, and do it all again the next day. A week before that day, there was no mission.

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So instead of resulting to lazing around and watching TV which had now been hooked up to more stations than the single one which mainly played dick, most of course M'gann had decided to read up on a actually buy it because hey who knows we might actually use it one day? The others were out and about, or decided to leave early and go home.

I flexed my hands as I got into grayson, sweeping my dominant leg behind me into a fighting stance. Robin malignant breast cysts my actions, a smirk playing on his lips.

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I smirked back at his cockiness. There were no weapons - just fists and legs or whatever body part we could use basically.

Young Justice Imagines

I went ponygirl bdsm story throw the first robin only to have Robin blocking it, pulling it down reader using that momentum the thrust his palm into my face. A sharp breath flew out of my mouth as I dodged to the left, yanking my wrist free and flipping backwards, knocking Justice in the chest. I smirked when I saw him stumble backwards, but knew that his game was off. Something was on his young. He sprinted towards me, attempting to kick my side which I was quick to block.

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