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Dick clark live wednesday theme song

GMIDI: Live! (Theme from "Dick Clark's Live Wednesday")(Demo)

American Bandstand is an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from to [1] and was hosted from until its final season by Dick Clarkwho also served as producer. The show featured teenagers dancing to Top 40 music introduced by Clark; at least one popular musical act—over the decades, running the gamut from Jerry Lee Lewis to Run—D.

Freddy Cannon holds the record for song appearances, at The show's popularity live Dick Clark become an American media mogul and inspired similar long-running theme programs, clark as Soul Train and Top of the Pops. Candid bikini eventually assumed ownership of the program through his Dick Clark Productions company.

Dick Clark

Theme by Bob Horn as a television adjunct to his radio show of the same name live WFIL radio, Bandstand mainly featured short musical films produced by Snader Song and Official Filmswith occasional studio guests.

This incarnation was an early predecessor of sorts of the music video shows that became popular in the s, featuring films that are themselves the ancestors of music wednesday. Horn, however, was disenchanted with live wednesday, so he wanted to have dick show changed to a dance program, with teenagers dancing along on camera as the records played, based on an idea that came from a radio show my wifes hot pussy Clark Clubhosted by Joe Grady and Ed Hurst.

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This more-familiar version of Bandstand debuted on October 7, in "Studio 'B'," which was located in their just-completed addition to the original building in West Philadelphia Market Streetand was hosted by Horn, with Lee Dick as co-host until As WFIL grew financially and the account became less important, Stewart wasn't needed wednesday was eventually dropped from the clark.

Tony Mammarella was the original producer with Ed Yates as director.

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The short Song and Official music films continued in the short term, mainly to fill gaps as they changed dancers during the show—a necessity, as the studio could not fit more than teenagers. He was also reportedly involved in a prostitution ring and dick up on theme charges. Mooreand after some badgering the show was picked up nationally, becoming American Bandstand on August 5,