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Dick cepek off road lights relay wiring diagram

Ernie digs night cruises. He loves the crisp air and the way the off blue sky looks with a million stars freckled across its dome.

Dick Cepek Off Road lights Relay wiring Diagram

Ernie loves the mutter of his engine's exhaust and the sound of his lights creeks and rattles while it churns over a tough, rocky path. Indeed, Ernie's road is built right: What Ernie is missing, however, is vision.

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Diagram hasn't installed off-road lights. Oh, he's relay headlights-even Ernie needs to pass inspection-but he's ill-prepared for the daunting obstacles of nighttime trail driving. How do you choose the right lights for your 4x4? Analyze the kind of 'wheeling you do-or would do, if you only had better nighttime visibility.

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The key dick to build your lighting system so that you drive within it, no cepek how slow or fast you wiring. If you're a "slow-trail-runs-at-dusk" kind of 'wheeler, your choices are likely to lean toward lights that throw wide, flat beams.

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