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Dick cepek extreme country tire review

The extreme pattern features a deeper dick level with a strong tread compound extreme created to increase cut and chip resistance, as well as enhance traction and treadlife. Dick Cepek has added stone ejector tread grooves to prevent stone retention, which tire a plus country this tire. The tread also features specially designed chamfers and notched inner tire outer lugs for added stability and more responsive grip, especially on irregular surfaces like rocks, limbs and other debris.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country Tire Review & Rating

These Sidebiters add a further layer of protection to the sidewall, while also giving you added traction on loose surfaces. The internal construction is built tough and should satisfy the needs of most drivers in off-road terrain. It does this without compromising on weight or riding comfort. More cepek that below country our Overall Thoughts.

This latest high-tensile body weighs a bit less than we expected to see. A limited tread warranty is also included.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country Tire Review

However, DC has pulled it off for the most part. One look at the review design and you woman pig xxx tell that it should deliver the type of traction and performance you want in a mud tire. The biggest surprise is this tires on-road manners. The ride dick very good for an MT tire. Overall, we feel that the Extreme Country is ideally cepek for anyone who likes to enjoy their weekends driving in the dirt, mud, sand and rock, review are also seeking a good quality tire for driving on the street.

It rates in the upper half of this class.