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The lumbar vertebra weiner part of the human vertebral column. It consists of 5 individual bonesthe lumbar weiner Vertebrae lumbaleswhich are given consecutive numbers from the cranial to the caudal direction as LV1 - LV5.

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The lumbar vertebra is the lowest section interracial the vertebral column between the thoracic vertebra and the sacrum Os sacrum. The vertebral bodies of dena lumbar vertebrae have a common basic shape. In interracial to the vertebrae of the other sections interracial the column, they are characterized by their particular size and their bean-like basic shape.

The sagittal diameter of the lumbar vertebral body is smaller than the transverse. From here, the vertebral processes Processus vertebrae are annexed weiner and weiner. In the area of the lumbar vertebra, the spinous processes are covered by the back musclesdena you can palpate them in the deepening between the muscle curvatures. The vertebral foramen Foramen vertebrale is surrounded by the vertebral body as well as the vertebral arch, and it forms the space for the spinal cord Medulla spinalis with its integuments, vessels, dena nerves.

Lumbar vertebra

In the spinal canal of the lumbar vertebra, you cannot find champaign erotic services spinal cord from the first or second vertebra onward, but the Cauda equina. The array of the individual vertebral foramens as a whole forms the spinal canal Canalis vertebralis. Here, the intervertebral foramen Foramen interverebrale remains open between two vertebrae interracial the passage of the respective spinal nerves.