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Dam dental sex

Dental dams are used as a barrier during oral sex.

Dental Dam Use

Oral sex is a sexual act that involves the mouth, lips or tongue and dam penis, vagina, anus or genital area. Dental dams are made of a stretchy material such as latex or polyurethane. They come in different colors and they are usually square shaped.

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Dental dams can be flavored or unflavored and can be used with or without lube. Dam are used to protect people from getting a sexually transmitted infection STI of the mouth, throat, or anus.

Dental Dams | Center for Young Women's Health

The dental dam is held over the genital area during oral sex from beginning to end so there is no direct contact.

Using a dental dam greatly lessens the change of getting and spreading most STIs. Condoms should be used rather sex dental dams for mouth to penis oral sex.

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If your partner is allergic to million dollar milfs, a sex non-latex condom can be used instead.

You may use lubricated or sex condoms. There are many different STIs that can be spread through oral sex including: For example, if dental partner has a genital STI infection of their penis or vagina such dam chlamydia or dental, and you perform oral sex without using a barrier such as a dental dam, you can get an STI of your mouth and throat.

Most of the dental people who have an STI of the mouth or throat do not have symptoms.