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Cum on girlfriends face

You are an automatic keeper at that point, haha. What's girlfriends about it is that you WANT it. More often than not when I get a blowjob or have sex with my girlfriend, when she knows the end is near, she starts asking me if I'm about to cum, I say yes, and she'll say "Cum cum my mouth, I want it so bad" or "Give it to me, I want to taste it", or something to that effect.

greatest cumshot on cute girlfriend face

Anything that doesn't make it into her mouth, she gets with her fingers and licks it off. It's so unbelievably hot!

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But any of the methods you mentioned face work. It's definitely hot when you jack it off yourself into your mouth, too.


You don't even have to swallow if you don't like it. It's all in the eye contact. The whole appeal is in how much you love gwen escort gfe to want it.