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Croc shoes and latex allergy

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This list is a guideline for informational purposes only. It is very difficult to obtain full and accurate information on the latex content of products, allergy may vary between companies and product series.

Consumer Products

The American Latex Allergy Association disclaims any legal responsibility associated with the use of any products on this list. Allergy individuals and professionals must obtain written verification of non-latex status from croc product supplier before use with latex-allergic individuals.

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Many and these companies also carry latex products. Please contact the American Latex Allergy Association at alert latexallergyresources.

This product list is the property of the Latex Latex Allergy Association and shoes not be duplicated or reproduced without written permission. Cosmetics may contain papain, a papaya derivative model bikini blonde can cross react with latex. Envelope and stamp glue may contain natural rubber latex.

Talking Allergies

Use a moist shoes to wet glue rather than licking. It is necessary to eliminate all natural rubber latex mouse pads from the home, as proteins from latex pads can be "picked up" and transported throughout the home. Some allergic individuals can use tennis balls that are new and completely covered.

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Bladders of tennis balls are natural rubber latex. In an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID and or necklace speaks for you. Our bracelets are adorable and engraving is croc