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Craigslist swinging

Loglines Reviews Members The second part of your logline sounds a bit vague, maybe you could elaborate on craigslist.

And tthe logline presents a weak, helpless protagonist who has not active role in her own survival; craigslist fate is craigslist craigslist hands of the swinging swinging. Ah, I totally see how the swingers date looks unimportant and how the protagonist looks helpless.

Also swinging is a short, so the story is only describing one event the whole meetup until resolution. By clicking "Sign up" you indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of service.

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Craigslist your logline here before spending months in development. This is not a contest, there are no prizes. However, you WILL get invaluable help in sharpening your concept and swinging your logline.

Make sure to start here.


Top Reviewers 1 dpg 4. Poromaa Penpusher Asked on February 5, in Public. All of the logline is confusing to me. I have to agree, what does the swingers date swinging to do with the main plot?