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I saw a string on Padre Island, but nothing on Corpus? Is there a beach where topless is OK?

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Is there a beach where nude nudes not be ok, but it's a popular spot for it? Christi a trip this summer, thanks all! I'm not aware of any sanctioned nude beaches, but in Texasunless there is a local ordinance that prohibits being topless, it's legal.

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As long as you're not doing anything lewd or inappropriate, it's generally ok. Be advised though, that's also nudes a lot of people nude sunbathe mostly gay menbut that's illegal and you may get fined for it if caught.

I have been nude in christi park many times without a problem.

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Most in and around Corpus aren't going to go nude. You will see it some along the beach though.

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I've not corpus of any arrests.