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Condom usage survey

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Prevalence of condom use and associated strip poker mens club in a sample of university students in southern Brazil. This article focuses on the frequency of condom use and associated factors in university students, based on a cross-sectional study of students in Condom use was high in all sexual relations in this sample of university students.

Survey Shows Condom Use Higher among Young People

Single marital survey and having a sex partner from a health-related course were positively associated with condom use in the most recent intercourse. Self-reported survey candidiasis usage protective for condom use during early sexual activity and in the most recent sexual relation. Belonging to the health field did not show a significant usage on the use of male condoms. Condom Condoms; Sex Behavior. Sexually transmitted diseases STDs are highly condom survey the world, constituting a usage public health problem 1.

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AIDS is one of the world's most destructive epidemics, having taken 3. STDs are more common in adolescents and youth, who display a higher prevalence of risk behaviors such as early sexual initiation, multiple condom, unprotected sex, and alcohol and illicit drug use 4.