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By Brenton Garen At Dailymail. Chelsea no stranger to getting her gear off to share naked photos of herself. And on Monday Chelsea Handler, 40, continued her obsession as she posted another cheeky nude shot as she stood in a bathtub.

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Chelsea Handler Nude Boobs

Chelsea Handler posted a cheeky nude photo as she stood in a bathtub to her Instagram. The comedienne has a huge smile across her face free she pointed the camera at a mirror from her left hand. Handler, who used to be on E! The TV icon is ankle deep in the bathtub's water as her left arm covers her chest.

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The year-old posted this nude bathtub photo to her Instagram account last June. It's not the first time she's posted a naked handler while in a bathtub. Last June she posted a nude covering her chest with one hand that stood out for having a bright purple manicure.