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Card game screw your neighbor rules

One of my favorite pastimes is playing poker with friends.

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In posting these rules I hope to keep track of some of these games. Also known as Cuckoo, Screw Your Neighbor is not really poker, but this is a great game, especially with a big group. The game is played in rounds card the deal rotates.


The objective is to not have the lowest card at the end of each round. Each player places two equal rules directly in front of them.

Screw stake can be a quarter, dollar, chip, or whatever folks are comfortable with. The dealer deals one card face down to each player starting with the person to their left, as usual.

Each player looks at their card. Starting with your player to the left of the dealer, each player in turn can either game their card or trade with the person immediately to their left orsi peeing hopes of getting a higher card. Aces neighbor always low in this game.

How to Play and Win ‘Screw Your Neighbor’ Poker

If a player is asked to trade they must, unless they hold a king, at which point they can show the king and block the trade. If a trade is blocked, the player who wanted the trade must keep the card they are holding. After the dealer trades the round is done.