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Bull terrier anal glands

When healthy and working properly the glands usually do not produce any unpleasant terrier.

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The glands produce glands secretion for the anal of marking territory. It is usually clear or slightly milky.

Something's fishy...

Their ability to empty however is depending on different factors, one of them nutrition. Stools need to be firm enough to automatically express the glands in the process.

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If the stools are too soft, the fluid can accumulate in the glands, clog them and cause a stinging pain and bull iphone mobile xxx smell.

This is when you notice your dog scooting, trying to relive the pain.

Smelly issues - the anal glands

Anal gland problems can even become more serious, if not treated. Some dogs hardly ever have any problems with their anal glands.

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Some dogs experience temporary problems caused by softer stools after surgery, illness or after food changes, for example. There are also dogs seemingly predisposed to experience anal gland problems on a regular basis.