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Bradford James Cox born May 15, is an American singer-songwriter and musicianbest known as the lead singer and guitarist of the indie rock band Deerhunter.

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He also pursues a solo career under the moniker Atlas Bradford. Cox formed Deerhunter with drummer Moses Archuleta in The band has released 7 studio albums along with several singles bradford EPs.

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Cox's method of creating music is stream-of-consciousness foto galeri porn, and he does not write lyrics in advance. He made his film acting debut in 's Dallas Buyers Club.

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Cox founded Deerhunter with bassist Paul Harper and drummer Dan Walton who named the band in early The band expanded after Cox met a teenage transient, Moses Archuleta, who was sleeping on gay floor of Cox's friends. Archuleta initially played Ace Tone Organ and electronics.

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The band's first shows were experimental and based on improvisation. Cox continued recording slightly more structured material and releasing it on CD-R and cassette using the name Atlas Sound.

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Paul Harper moved to Ohio and was replaced by Justin Gay. At this point Colin Mee also joined the band on guitar.