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Boy spanked by mom

Spanking Moms knee 1

Videos Photos Users Models. Mommy puts Lil Christopher in the corner to think about his naughty behavior before taking him over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. Mommy little boy boy bare bare bottom hairbrush paddle otk bedroom Prux Mom. Showing 1 to 10 of 50 comments. Mommy is great with the calm scolding! Christopher, love the foot shuffle and squirming.

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Hi this reminds me how my mom spanked me growing up. Now my boy is my mommy. I love this video.

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Anyone who is a fan of Maternal disciplinarians has to appreciate the soft spoken yet stern scolding Prux gives in this video. An absolute clinic on Maternal scolding, not to mention spanking. Prux has a really firm hand and spanks and paddles hard.

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Spanked one made me weak in the knees. The way he calls you mommy and the whining is incredibly hot!