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Bowie dick test

Air Removal (Bowie-Dick Type) Tests

Pre-assembled, disposable test pack. After exposure, unwrap pack and remove the indicator sheet for your records. Individual Test Sheets — one should dick placed within a stack of surgical towels that are test according to Bowie guidelines.

A FAIL is dick by a lighter color in the bowie of the pattern than around the edges — failure of the test to change completely to black.

Steraffirm Bowie Dick Test Packs

A PASS is obvious by a uniform black color over the entire pattern of the indicator sheet. Bowie-Dick Type Test Brochure.

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Distinct, non-reversible pink to black color change — easy to interpret. Distinct, non-reversible Blue to Black color change — easy to interpret.

Bowie Dick Test Pack - FAMOS

Procedures for Use Test sterilizer once a day. Test at the beginning of each day. A shortened cycle should be used to preheat the system i.