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Bliss tv show lesbian scenes

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When she later finds out that this woman is dead, she strikes up a friendship with a sultry, mysterious woman yvonne craig nude photos apparently knew the homeless girl. After much build up and chatting with wine in hand, the mysterous woman seduces her new writer friend into bed.

Bliss Leaper

The big scene itself is in two parts, with the first featuring the two girls in front of a gold backdrop. The lighting renders them in shilloutte form, although lesbian camera never swoops around or anything tacky like that.

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Lipper is naked, sitting in a chair, and very nervous. After explaining that she's never been with a woman before, Duchame slowly caresses her before sitting scenes across from her in another chair. Pretty daring for a TV series, even considering they are only shadows at this point.

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We then flash into bed, with the two of them making rather passionate love to each other. Duchame is on top for most of it, with the camera alternating between two positions the side of the bed, and at the foot of the bed with even a brief view of Duchame's buttocks thrusting forward!

The pitch of their moaning and grunting gets higher and faster, with Lipper eventually having an orgasm, her back bliss up and show wide open in long gasping sigh.