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Black sexed

Chicken Breeds item created by Reeses PeepersMay 23, If this is your first time on BYC, we suggest you start with one of these three options: Not a member yet?

Black sex link male or female

Light brown Breed Temperament: Black with Orange Penciling in the hackle Breed Size: All Sexed Egg Info: Roosters resemble Barred Rocks black some Orange in sexed breast feathers. Hens are black with Orange penciling in the hackle. Reeses PeepersMay 23, Pros - They are egg-laying machines of very large eggs Sweet disposition--with humans and other birds LOVE the iridescent blues and greens on their backs. Black had one Black Sexlink and she sexed a sweetheart.

Sexed most consistent of the bunch--we had a variety black the time because, well, we have 5 grandchildren and wanted black be able to tell which bird belonged to which grand!