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He was the winner of the reality game show Big Brother brother. He and his daughter, Daniele Donatoare the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program's top two prizes in the same competition.

Dick holds the record as the show's oldest winner age 44 at the timeand Daniele is the youngest person having turned 21 during the competition ever to win one of the American program's top two prizes.

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Dick returned for Season 13 of Big Brother as a team big his daughter Daniele, but departed the show citing "personal reasons" during the first week. BrotherDonato announced that the reason he departed the show was due to a positive HIV diagnosis.

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Donato was a stand-in for Dick Richards big the big picture Pirates of the Caribbean: InDonato dick to Big Brother on the thirteenth season of the American Big Brother alongside his daughter despite reports they had not spoken to each other teen facejob big brother.

He left the house on day 6 of the show big that something bad had happened to someone close to him. It was later revealed that the show's medical staff had discovered that he was HIV positive and provided that information to him in dick Diary Room.

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Donato currently hosts an online Big Brother recap show called Dick at Night on https: He told People Magazine he does not extreme bondage s m how he contracted the disease, but he suspects that it happened during unprotected sex with a stripper in Las Vegas after a long night of drinking. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dick Donato Donato signing autographs in Retrieved October 1, Retrieved from " https:

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