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Be my fuck buddy

This is part two of my buddy with Tom.

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I wrote part 1 before this entire story blew up. I originally had planned a very different part 2. Awhile ago, I set up a profile on a dating app to find a guy for a threesome with my boyfriend nude club san antonio tx I.

I fell for my fuck buddy and I got burned

Usually the guys were only interested in meeting me. We chatted on Instagram quite a bit before meeting face to face. As I sexted with him, telling him what I liked, what turned me on, I felt more and more excited.

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I fuck a flat stomach with a clearly defined line down the middle of my abs. I could tell he wanted me; his attraction for me turned me on too.

How To Avoid Catching “The Feels” With Your Fuck Buddy?

He wanted to meet me one on one when my boyfriend was fuck of town. He wanted me to give him a sensual pole dance as an ultimate tease before the threesome happens. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he said it was okay for me to sleep with him too, if it were to happen.

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By the time buddy met face to face, the anticipation built up so much it was impossible to keep my hands off. From then on, it was one of the most physically and emotionally intense two weeks of my life. Then another at his.