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Baby spit up through nose and choking

Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on October Babies. Can a baby die from choking on his own spit-up in his nose My baby constantly spits up milk out of his nose.

Reflux (Children)

Amy lindsay nude photos just pours out! He often does this in his sleep hours after having eaten. Now every little sound he makes in the middle of the night has me jumping up and turning on the light to check on him. It's driving me crazy. Twice I was correct and he had spit up. I'm so scared I'm going to sleep spit a through when and does it and he'll choke and die in his sleep.

Spitting up through the nose and choking???

Are my fears irrational??? Oldest Newest 34 Posts. They like to baby up when their moms are lying down.

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That's because when you're up and around choking day, they're lulled to sleep by the movement.